On Tuesday, April 17, the Assembly Public Safety Committee failed to pass both AB 3026 and AB 2860. AB 3026 was granted reconsideration by the committee for a later date. 

Assembly Bill 2860, sponsored by Assembly Member Travis Allen (R-72), would repeal the “roster” requirements for handguns to be sold through firearms dealers.  Firearms that are not on the roster are not inherently unsafe. In fact law enforcement is generally exempt from the handgun roster. Instead of weeding out unsafe firearms, the roster has served to limit the number of handgun models that are available for sale in California by requiring certain features and testing, some which are not offered by any manufacturers. Because of the roster requirements, no new model semi-automatic handguns have been added to the roster in over five years. By removing the roster requirement, Californian’s will have increased options when it comes to exercising their Second Amendment rights.